Activities & Club

Nature highlights every individual’s talents at one crucial period of life & that is identified during the school days and nurtured. We conduct regular activities where students exhibit their talents & win awards a good & health comp is encouraged in our school from class KG to XII


The school has been sailing successfully for about 10 years with the dramatization organization team. There is no compromise of the quality in English language which we emphasize through drama. Even the timid child becomes an orator.


Walking with colours keeps a person pleasant always. They are taught the art of colouring/painting and possible art work of their age group. Gushing of thoughts in a creative mind is a boon and this can be kindled only in a conductive environment. We provide a comfortable zone for the budding artists where they can bring life to their dreams. Artistically decorated studio with adjustable furniture that suits the child’s working prototype, spacious tables and colours all around enlightens the spirit of art in them.

Yoga & Karate

Control of mind and body and thoughts comprises Yogasana. We have experienced and trained instructor who can manage children of all ages. They are trained well and motivated to participate in competition across the city, state and national levels in Karate and Yoga. Children have brought innumerable laurels to our school.