School cinema:

The management of our school is very particular about the human values that has to be put into practice by each and every child of the current generation for which we furnish School cinema in their classrooms for tempering the empathetic emotions of the tender minds.


  • Assessments will be conducted as per the CCE Norms upto VIII std and state board norms for IX to XII std.
  • Mid Term Test 1 will be scheduled during the month of August.
    • TERM I ( June- Sep), TERM I Exam(Sep)
    • TERM II ( Oct- Dec), TERM II Exam(Dec)
    • TERM III ( Jan- Apr), TERM III Exam(Apr)
  • Re-examination or re-test will not be held on any account.
  • A Parent-Teacher interactive session will be held after every assessment.
  • Progress Reports will be issued during this session.
  • Progress Reports must be signed by the Parents/Guardians in person. 


Academics cannot be transferred in an abstract way. A classroom always comprises children with varied intellectual levels. To quench the minds of all we generate worksheets that supplement real learning and improve practical learning in the classroom. All subjects are supported with relevant worksheets which not only acknowledge the child’s understanding but also brings out his unseen thinking skills.

Examination Scheme:

Our educational organization necessitates to persuade the intellectual desire of each and every child in diverse ways. One such approach is to conduct peripheral examinations on our school campus. It gives a wide exposure to face challenging examinations in future.

We conduct:

  • SOF – Olympiad Examination
  • Spellbee
  • MAT – Mental Ability Test
  • PSA – Problem Solving Ability Test
  • OTBA – Open Text Book Assessment
  • Grey Caps – General Knowledge Books with Test papers attached

Remedial Classes:

Children love individual attention. We render this regularly in our classrooms. At times special attention for a few learners group is necessary. Care and patience is the support teachers give them after their regular class school hours. We depute teachers who identify the field in which training is needed and generally help them out for transferring them as achievers in the forthcoming exams. Peer learning method is also adopted.

Workshop and seminars:

The changing generations are in a constant rummage of knowledge wherever they go to fill their inquisitive minds teachers have to continuously upgrade their knowledge and technology in education. Our management always anticipates workshops and seminars for our teaching staff in the fields of

  • Teachers Enrichment programmes
  • Science Enrichment Programmes
  • Questioning Skill Session
  • Worksheet Generation
  • Classroom Management
  • Jolly Phonics (Kindergarten and primary)
  • Language Enrichment Programme
  • Enrichment Programme – Mathematics
  • Awareness Programme – Free Plastics/ Litter Free Region

Other renowned organizations also have conducted Enrichment Programmes now and then. The teachers make it a point to instill all these strategies in their classroom.


  • Parents are request to read the guidelines and rules carefully and adhere to them
  • Parents shall cooperate with the school authorities when called for consultation on matters of common interest.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate in the functioning of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline on the part of their ward by taking daily interest in their child’s progress
  • Parents should take part in the PTA meetings and celebrations of the schools.


Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam makes it clear that a child’s life begins with his/her mother. Nothing comes to an edge without the parent’s interaction with teachers. After every Summative Assessment or term and examination a PTA – Parent Teacher Association is held. The main focus of this session is to pool in the views, ideas, suggestions and feedback of parents and teachers for a smooth and efficient functioning of an educational organization and discuss the future perspective of the child. Every genuine verdict is respected by our Management. Parents are free to give their opinions in person.


  • L.K.G – 8.45am to 2.30pm
  • U.K.G – 8.45am to 2.30pm
  • I to XII – 8.45am to 3.50pm
  • Lunch Timings: 12.10pm to 12.40pm

SMS: Under necessary circumstances important messages will be sent to Parents through SMS.