Club Activities

A Talent brings happiness all around when it is executed Kinds express their skills and talents when given a variety of preferences to demonstrate their capability. We render such an exclusive platform which empowers their decision making ability. The Club activities which projects the welfare of mankind such as Eco club, Art & Craft create a feel of responsibility within oneself. Through the above mentioned club we conduct Fruits Day, Flowers Day, Colours Day, Cooking without fire, etc

Awareness Campaigns

Being a scholar does not just mean to empower himself/herself but should create a positive impact on the society and kin. We never promote the young leaders of our School to play a part in all the awareness proceedings happening around us to inculcate a sense of responsibility in self and the general public. The active participation of our students is also available on facebook.

  • Plastic Free
  • Organic Food
  • Conserve electricity and water
  • Save water


Knowledge acquired attains accomplishment when its experienced. Regular planned trips are organized with utmost care and dedication by our Chairperson and Correspondent to experience reality.

Nature highlights every individual’s talents at one crucial period of life & that is identified during the school days and nurtured. We conduct regular activities where students exhibit their latent talents & win awards a good & health comp is encouraged in our school from KG to XII.