Correspondent Message

dear Parents,

Welcome to a new school year at Rajiv School of Excellence. We commence this year with the promises to be filled with wonderful new beginnings and exciting accomplishments.

Here at Rajiv School of Excellence, we strongly believe that educational institutions should aim at producing global leaders – well educated minds who will be the ‘movers of people’, ‘mobilizers of opinion’ and ‘menders of society’.

We ensure that their personal participation from each student in order to transform them into confident, sociable, respectable, caring, responsible and ethical individuals, who can faced tomorrow’s dreadful challenges with the ability to adapt to a diverse and ever-changing society.

We have dedicated staffs who believe that ‘Education’ is a blend of the entire gamut of exercises including academics, sports and extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, drawing and so on. Our team of teachers work hard towards proving a suitable environment conducive to learning and bringing out the latent talents of each child so that each student of Rajiv School of Excellence will be a bright star, lighting up tomorrow’s skies.

Needless to say, it is the unconditional support and untiring efforts of the Managing Trustee
Mrs. V. Geeta Ramamurthy, the committed service the Principal and Staff, and the continuous support and encouragement, no to mention, undying faith of the parents, which has made Rajiv School of Excellence a living, breathing reality.

We look forward to many more achievements in this new cheerful year; to create new paths and to fulfil the promise of being model educators. We welcome our students, parents and community leaders to join hands with us to march towards a better tomorrow.

Thank you, parents, for having faith in Rajiv School of Excellence and i assure you that we shall do everything to live up to your faith.

My prayers and good wishes to you all.

Mr. R.Manoj Kumar