Gushing of thoughts in a creative mind is a boom and this can be Kindled only in a conductive environment.

Classrooms are well ventilated and spacious supported with LEDs boards. A hygiene environment & quality furniture is our bench mark.

Art Studio

We provide a comfortable zone for the budding artists where they can define colours to their dream. Artistically decorated studio with adjustable furniture that suits the child’s working prototype, spacious tables and colours all around enlightens the spirit of art in them.

Multimedia Suite

Multimedia has captured the educational industry. The Salient features of our multimedia suite are:

  • Well planned air-conditioned MMS room which can accommodate approximately 40 students at a time.
  • An apparent 5.1 audio system, Projector Screen, Smart Board and a clear visibility of the screen to the students are to be highlighted.
  • Syllabus oriented enrichment videos and chapter related facts.
  • Smart board that enables to focus the thoughts of children by the facilitator.
  • Projector to project the presentations of children.


Library is an immeasurable treasure which can impact knowledge, language, literature and awareness of oneself, discipline etc. We boast to ourselves having a spacious and colourful library. It furnishes a wide catalogue and unique atmosphere to enables reading skills. Our management is always updated with the current changing generation of kids who always ask for more and with a difference. There is an availability of multilingual books, knowledge based books, activity based books and unique story books. Children are welcome to choose books of their choice and share their feelings about them with their teachers. “It’s a treasure island” says a kid who witnessed all varieties of books under his school roof.